Boyk Series Solid Fuel Boiler Automatic Ash Dump

General Features

TÜRMAS TOYK series stoker boilers; Ability to connect room thermostat and timing Programmed with automatic digital control panel and custom interior design to 90% has reached efficiency. In addition, the fact sheet on the plate thickness and high quality fuel supply of potash, increases efficiency due to specially designed air box and Stoker pot and reduce the amount of waste. It also does not smoke in the presence stoker system with special design.

Thanks to its high capacity reservoir bunker fuel saved about 2 storing daily toil of daily refueling. Transportation and fuel supply port through the first ignition burning pot can be easily done. From the ashes of the burning pot, the pot bottom and the automatic ash removal system through stoker system without taking the trouble to ash pan automatically to the ambient ash, dust-free and effortless way to pour the ashes remain just that.

TÜRMAS automatic loading and automatic ash disposal system TOYK series boilers; our valuable customers, and earn you less time spent in the apartment, as is a system specially designed to meet both your comfort and your health and also the first turkey 's made of. Automatic ash removal system is working with stoker system, an engineering marvel gear, is whether in the chain and power transmission systems. Automatically receiving fuel into the combustion chamber, it is saved in a special chamber at different speeds at the same time removing the accumulated ash in the ash pan from the external environment a huge bother you. In TÜRMAS COMFORT IS A PRIVILEGE.

Boiler cleaning, without the need for annual maintenance per week for 1 to 2 minutes thanks to its special design. Simply take the time. Special thanks to automatic ash removal system, a rake and can be carried out in a simple way with 3 pass KEY system. REMEMBER! Annual general cleaning and maintenance problems are not only TÜRMAS Mark Stoker won.

The boiler water temperature can be controlled via a digital control panel. When the boiler thermostat temperature limit any unwanted therefore exceed 90 ° C, fan and gear leaves off, circulation pump continues to run. The circulation pump to start operating temperature adjustable from 35 ° C to 30 ° C. For any reason, the boiler water temperature is + 5 ° C. In fall below the circulation pump başlar.bınk working against freezing tank runs out of fuel that the automatic control panel for you in voice and LCD display within 10 minutes of "FUEL EMPTY" stimulating form of c You and money your street not throw away.

Boiler and fireproof high density rockwool slabs are made of thermal insulation, heat loss. Boiler exterior is painted with electro-static powder coating gives an aesthetic appearance to the environment.

TÜRMAS automatic loading and automatic ash disposal system TOYK series boilers; aesthetic appearance and ease of use with all types of fuel you use, the environment to a minimum, leaving the flue gas waste environmentally friendly product.