Central Heating Boilers

General Features
The system must be heated from a central boiler multiple independent sections.
Usually initial investment in buildings containing 12 or more independent sections and is recommended for the operating conditions of the installation.
Central heating boilers on natural gas, burners, automatic control system, circulation pump, safety equipment, valves, pumps, gas meters, insulation, piping, chimneys, plumbing fixtures, such as a system consisting of basic elements.
Natural gas combustion occurs when water vapor with the flue gases. The condensation of water vapor in the flue gas boiler in the boiler are the most important factors that shorten your life. Condensed water vapor is acidic and causing damage to the metal material. Therefore condensation in boilers used in central heating system should be controlled. This is carried out with control of the process water by means of automatic control.
Central Heating sistemiilk investment and operating costs are low. Especially for the automatic control of the addition of the system becomes more controlled operating costs will further decrease. Also warming is safer because it is a single point.
Advantages of Central Heating Systems
The initial investment cost is lower than the individual system.
Operating expenses are lower than individual systems.
Is more economical life.
Centralized system while providing comfortable hot water, hot water boilers received the amount is limited, the water temperature drops when used in multiple locations.
Individual system but need affordable high hot water boiler in use.
The lower emissions in boiler efficiency is high. In the center of the system is more efficiency.
Modifications to the central system is the only win in his apartment, renovated in the individual systems will incur additional charges if the apartment is done.