Central System Stoker Solid Fuel Boilers

General Features

TÜRMAS Moyka SERIES CENTRAL SYSTEM BOILER STOKER; Ability to connect room thermos stand, and timing with automatic digital control panel, programmed and custom interior design to 90% has reached efficiency. In addition, the fact sheet on the plate thickness and high quality fuel supply of potash, increases efficiency due to specially designed air box and Stoker pot and reduce the amount of waste. High pressure external rotor special fan - Klepel custom design, high heat-resistant Class A quality Fire, hair and custom manufactured boiler tubes, with different designed flue outlet system from peers, 95% reached has high efficiency. The economic gains of all kinds of wins in the class choose to use solid fuel. It also does not smoke in the presence stoker system with special design.

TÜRMAS Moyka SERIES CENTRAL SYSTEM BOILER STOKER; Thanks to its high capacity reservoir bunker fuel saved about 2 storing daily toil of daily refueling. Transportation and fuel supply port through the first ignition burning pot can be easily done. Burning pot from the ash, smoke pot bottom and stoker hopper chamber through a special air flow system in the system.

TÜRMAS Moyka SERIES CENTRAL SYSTEM BOILER STOKER; Boiler cleaning, without the need for annual maintenance per week thanks to its special design for 1-2 minutes. Simply take the time. Thanks to specially designed boiler cleaning and ash removal hatches, rake and boiler furnace and can be carried out in a simple manner with the pipe system. High pressure air blower and blower also makes your life easier. REMEMBER! Annual general cleaning and maintenance problems are not only TÜRMAS Mark Stoker won.

TÜRMAS Moyka SERIES CENTRAL SYSTEM BOILER STOKER; The boiler water temperature can be controlled via a digital control panel. When the boiler thermostat temperature limit any unwanted therefore exceed 90 ° C, fan and gear leaves off, circulation pump continues to run. The circulation pump to start operating temperature adjustable from 35 ° C to 30 ° C. For any reason, the boiler water temperature drops below + 5 ° C If the circulation pump starts to work against frost. Bunker tank runs out of fuel that you in 10 minutes in automatic control panel and LCD screen voice "FUEL EMPTY" stimulating form of your car and provides street to not throw away your money.

TÜRMAS Moyka SERIES CENTRAL SYSTEM BOILER STOKER; Boilers with higher density and fireproof mineral plate is made of thermal insulation, heat loss. Boiler exterior is painted with electro-static powder coating gives an aesthetic appearance to the environment.

TÜRMAS Moyka SERIES CENTRAL SYSTEM BOILER STOKER; aesthetic appearance and ease of use that you use all kinds of fuel, is environment-friendly products to a minimum in nature, leaving the chimney flue gas.